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1996 Oakland Live/Work Building Code

In July 1999, a new Municipal Code was adopted in Oakland, California, and the applicable sections of that new code are presented on the main Code page. The code sections listed below are not current code requirements but are included here for the purpose of reference.

As on the page listing the current Code, the section number is the link, here in orange, the section name is in bold, and in italics are Plain English potential questions or topics covered by that particular section.

The Items Required to be Included on Plans or Specifications are unchanged in the new code; the information in that area of this website is applicable to both the current code and this archive.

Index of Sections:

322B-324B Definitions

325B Notices of Limitation - Special code relaxations...

326B Change of Use - Do I have to do a seismic retrofit?

327B Minimum Facilities and Shell Construction - Making 'raw' spaces...

328B Construction, Height and Allowable Area - Building technicalities: sleeping lofts, ladders, etc...

329B Specific Use Provisions -

330B TABLE: Uniform and Concentrated Loads - How heavy are my floors?

333B Location on Property - Can I have windows everywhere?

334B.1-334B.4 Access and Exit Facilities and Emergency Escapes (Part 1) - No window in the sleeping loft?

334B.4-334B.7 Access and Exit Facilities and Emergency Escapes (Part 2) - "Landlocked" unit?

335B Light and Ventilation - Natural light, windows or fans?

336B Shaft and Exit Enclosures - Technical stuff no open stairs except in units...

337B Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems - Do I have to sprinkler?

338B Special Hazards -

338B-A TABLE: Allowable Quantities of Hazardous Materials - Toxics, hazmats, etc...

339B Fire Alarms - Do I need them?

340B Sound Transmission Control - How to insulate between units...

341B Energy Conservation Requirements

342B Plumbing Systems Requirements

343B Electrical Systems Requirements