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R-9: Urban Core Residential Conversion

The 1999 Oakland Building Code includes a new occupancy type, the Urban Core Residential Conversion. This new type is designed to facilitate the development of residential units in existing commercial buildings in downtown Oakland. Many of the items in this new section are very similar or identical to the code as it applies to F-7, F-8, R-7 and R-8, but due to the fact that it is new, and for the sake of clarity, it is included in its entirety. In keeping with that, we have done the same.

Index of Sections:

322B-324B Definitions

363B Notices of Limitation - Special code relaxations...

364B Change of Use - Do I have to do a seismic retrofit?

365B Structural Survey

366B Structural Regulations

367B Lateral Load Regulations

368B Minimum Facilities and Shell Construction - Making 'raw' spaces...

369B Construction, Height and Allowable Area - Building technicalities: sleeping lofts, ladders, etc...

370B Specific Use Provisions -

371B TABLE: Uniform and Concentrated Loads - How heavy are my floors?

372B Conventional Framing Provisions -

373B Fire Blocks and Draft Stops -

374B.1-374B.4 Access and Exit Facilities and Emergency Escapes (Part 1) - No window in the sleeping loft?

374B.4-374B.7 Access and Exit Facilities and Emergency Escapes (Part 2) - "Landlocked" unit?

375B Light and Ventilation - Natural light, windows or fans?

376B Shaft and Exit Enclosures - Technical stuff no open stairs except in units...

377B Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems - Do I have to sprinkler?

378B Fire Alarms - Do I need them?

379B Sound Transmission Control - How to insulate between units...

380B Energy Conservation Requirements

381B Plumbing Systems Requirements

382B Electical Systems Requirements