R-9 UCRC Index of Sections

Code Plain English

376B.1 General.

Code provisions pertinent to F-1 occupancies for shaft and exit enclosures shall apply to an F-7 occupancy JLWQ except that shaft enclosures that serve or are within an individual JLWQ may be the same as required for within an individual dwelling unit of an R-1 Occupancy.

376B.1 General.

Shafts and exit enclosures are areas in a building where stairs run up and down through stories and must be enclosed for fire protection and where utilities and elevators run up and down through the building. The building code is quite specific about the fire protection enclosure of such features (See UBC Table-----), and this provision simply states that the "default" requirements for F-7 or F8 work/live are F-1 (manufacturing) requirements, and for R-7 or R-8 live/work they are R-1 (residential) requirements. When shafts are fully within a unit, they are treated just as a residential unit would be.