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Joint Living and Work Quarters

JOINT LIVING AND WORK QUARTERS (JLWQ) are the type of unit permitted as live/work in Oakland under Section 7020 of the Zoning Regulations, defined therein as follows:
"Joint living and work quarters means residential occupancy by not more than four persons, maintaining a common household of one or more rooms or floors in a building originally designed for industrial or commercial occupancy which includes: (1) Cooking space and sanitary facilities which satisfy the provisions of other applicable codes, and (2) Adequate working space reserved for, and regularly used by, one or more persons residing therein."
Only JLWQ are accorded the code relaxations authorized by the state housing law for live/work. R-7 and F-7 occupancies, covering renovation of existing buildings, include JW/LQ. R-8 & F-8 do not, because they are new construction.

Zoning Criteria For Joint Live/Work Quarters:
1 Size Minimum 660 sq. ft.
2/3 Work/live ratio 67/33 (25% of work can be dual purpose)
4 Number of occupants 2 per 300 sq. ft., + 150 sq. ft. for each additional occupant. Total not to exceed 10. Minimum live portion not to exceed 220 sq. ft.