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(Minor) Conditional Use Permit

A Minor CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT is a permit issued by the zoning division of the planning department to permit, for example, a live/work renovation of an existing building in a manufacturing zone, because such zones do not normally permit residence of any kind. While discretionary, this minor conditional use permit is handled administratively, which means it does not go to a public hearing unless it is appealed. The fee for this permit is presently $939.00, and it usually takes six weeks after submission of drawings, application and fee for a decision to be rendered. In the nearly 20 years this system has been in place, there have been few if any denials of a CUP for live/work in a manufacturing zone. Conditional use permits for live/work are not required in residential or commercial zones, meaning that the use in those areas-- if a conversion of an existing commercial or industrial building-- is "as of right".