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Construction Type

CONSTRUCTION TYPE The Building Code classifies buildings into different construction types according to the materials and methods used in the structure. There are five main types, labeled with roman numerals I-V. Within these types there are non-rated vs. 1-hour rated construction in types II, III, and IV, and "fire resistive" classes of types I and II. Type V is typically wood frame construction, Type IV is heavy timber, type III is a hybrid, type II is concrete or non-combustible construction, and Type I is used for high rises. Each type has specific maximum square footages allowed under each occupancy as well as maximum height and number of stories. Since most live/work renovations are a change of use, one needs to closely observe the requirements for construction type laid out in Tables 5-B and 6A of the U.B.C. It can be crucial in determining the character of the building and its feasibility for renovation.