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354B.1 General.

A Group F-7 or 8 Occupancy shall conform with CEC requirements as for an F-1 occupancy. The designated residential area of an individual F-7 occupancy JLWQ shall comply with the 1998 CEC Section 210-52 relating to dwelling unit receptacle outlets. Group R-7 or 9 Occupancy shall conform with CEC requirements as for an R-1 Occupancy.

Electrical code requirements in live/work follow two guidelines;

  1. The minimum residential facilities (see chart 339B-A), and
  2. The "default occupancy" i.e. "F" for work/live and "R" for live/work.

In either case, the minimum residential facilities need to be provided. This includes, as stated in 339B-A, wall receptacles (outlets) spaced at a minimum of every twelve feet in the designated residential portion of each F-7 or F-8 JLWQ, and throughout any R-7 or R-8 live/work unit. In general, the work portion of an F-7 JLWQ need not be provided with any more than a sub-panel ready to feed out to branch circuits, much like in a commercial tenant improvement.

The "CEC requirements as for an R-1 occupancy" relate mainly to lighting, and require at least one flourescent light fixture in a kitchen, and one in a bathroom if there is more than one light fixture present in the bathroom.